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how to make a hole in chimney breast

I would like to patch this hole with brick. The chimney flue and the chimney liner are sometimes the same thing and sometimes not, which makes these arguably the most confusing parts of the chimney system. 16 January 2012 at 6:11PM edited 16 January 2012 at 6:14PM. Mark the depth of the anchor with painter's tape so you know how far you need to drill. Tap the wall. Something like this: This hole was once used to host a fire but will now become open space to redecorate as you desire. The professional recommendation is that you should not mount a TV on your chimney breast if the temperature you measure is above 100°F, as it is no longer safe. BIG MISTAKE! Chimney breasts take up a fair amount of space. So in smaller houses with cramped layouts it can be tempting to remove a redundant chimney breast, perhaps towards the rear of the property in a kitchen or bathroom. Cut the bricks. A.H Construction & Maintenance. Decided to go for vinyl paint for the chimney breast becasue of previous experience of matt and greasy childrens hands making a mess. However, anything above 90°F could cause damage to your TV so it is important to check your manufacturer's suggestions. It could be an RSJ ( a steel girder supporting the chimney breast.If it is a newish house,no more than 30 years old it could be the pre cast concrete flue blocks.When you get to the steel try using a drill bit for steel to see if any metal bits come out.Good luck. There is no need to remove the fireback from the fireplace, although if a back boiler is fitted, this should be removed once the plumbing has been isolated and disconnected. I was wondering if it would be possible to hollow out a hole in the chimney breast and put the fish tank in. A hole in the wall gas fire is almost exactly as it sounds – a sleek, easy to install fireplace that slots into a hole in your chimney breast or wall. Drill holes in brick according to mounting slots on TV mount . How do you know that there is definitely a builder’s opening (fireplace) somewhere? Best Answer. When lockdown began we decided it would be the perfect time to put our false chimney breast plans into action. You don’t. Expose a wall Bare bricks are often a way for a fireplace wall to achieve a homely, rustic look. I had an access hole on the chimney breast in the bedroom and after looking in there, decided it could turn into a giant ballache to do that as there wasn't really a void in the chimney breast (at least not in the bedroom one). Copyright 2020 FindAnyAnswer All rights reserved. The chimney is still used to vent my furnace and water heater, but there are no active fireplaces anymore. I have a glass fish tank that is 78cm x 43cm that is just disused at the minute. (Excuse the empty holes in the middle- waiting for our log delivery!) In my experience if you see a picture like anything below then in 98% plus of cases there is a larger firepla… Full chimney in a two-storey property: £2,800–3,800 plus VAT; Do I Need Planning Permission to Remove a Chimney Breast? It’s your home, and there are plenty of options for how you want to use your living space. Is it possible to make a chimney breast deeper? PEG-Mentor. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. How do you drill into brick without cracking it? We've got an actual chimney breast and have put occasional bench seating either side with hidden storage below, which is super useful for times of year when we have extra visitors and need a few extra seats for bottoms! Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. What percentage of breast cancers are detected by breast self exam? Using the chimney void is great for all kind of cabling - in our current place, my office is upstairs immediately to the right of one of our chimney breasts, with my router in a room downstairs immediately to the left of it. Free Shipping on most items. Hammer drill with masonry bit will go through brick real nice. I also need to vent from the chimney breast. Mount TV Wall Mount Kit according to directions. Opting for a deep rather than a barely there neutral will help you out – the leathery brown of this wall is repeated in the sofa, armchair and plant pot. What cars have the most expensive catalytic converters? The chimney breast is shared between two rooms, I would like to have a log burner in the other room if possible. Hereford • Member since 25 Sep 2019 • 2 jobs, 100% positive feedback. A fireplace was taken out with old plaster crumbling off the wall. Hi there, i am planning to drill a hole 22mm diameter x 500mm long in my Chimney breast so i can hide the cables for a flat panel TV which is to be mounted on the Chimney breast. They will inspect and make recommendations about what type of supports are needed. Exposed brick chimney breast. Source . Removing a chimney can be done either by entirely removing the full chimney, or by leaving the stack or chimney breast in place. How do you mount a TV on a solid wall without wires showing? Plus I've seen a few done and they look great. Planning permission is not required for internal alterations, like removing a chimney breast, as they don’t constitute development. Arms. as I have a hole in the wall gas fire from a previous house and it's just slightly deeper than the chimney breast in my new house. How high should a TV be above a gas fireplace? Removing the skirting board. I also need to get someone to install a plug socket for the filter and lights. 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