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How to make money on cryptocurrency exchange

The profitability of cryptocurrencies is “appetizing”: in the spring of 2019, the bitcoin exchange rate doubled in two months, and since the beginning of the year these are not the most profitable industry indicators … There are two key ways to make money on the cryptocurrency exchange: investing and reselling.

“ Buy and hold ” – this is how you can succinctly describe the main way to make a profit in the digital market. Patient “holders” (from the English hold) are familiar even with indicators that are beyond the reach of traditional exchanges – X10 of the number of investments. True, patience is required beyond the limits: temporary falls are regular, and knowledge of technical analytics does not guarantee accurate forecasts.

Cryptocurrency wallets are created automatically after registration. Addresses to replenish the balance are available in the “Wallets” section. By the way, with Bitzlato you can in a few clicks buy the cryptocurrency you are interested in for rubles, dollars, euros and 50 other currencies of the world – through a P2P exchanger. The account in the Bitzlato service is single: when the coins are credited to the balance, you can use them both in P2P and on the Bitzlato exchange.

Resale of cryptocurrencies is the main way to earn cryptocurrency site users. ” Buy cheaper – sell more expensive ” – the invariable tactics of each trader (from the English trade), regardless of the trading pairs.

A novice trader can be recommended to start trading in a cryptocurrency pair with high activity of buying and sale offers. Demand indicates that the buyer will not have to wait and that the rate will not fluctuate excessively. The jumps in the rate, although they bring quick income, are able to provide no fewer losses …

Cryptocurrencies are exchanged through the trading terminal, where orders for buying or selling are created. When after buying a cryptocurrency its value in relation to another change (while the difference between buying and selling suits you), you can sell it. The difference between buying and selling will be your first profit.

It is worth noting that the best result is achieved by those traders who hold cryptocurrencies to the most advantageous moment and sell when the rate reaches its maximum.
It is recommended to start trading on the exchange with small amounts: making the first steps, it is no wonder to make a mistake. In addition, be careful about the choice of the exchange: the long-livers of the cryptocurrency market can be counted on the fingers, and the digital economy attracts those who want to earn no less than scammers. How to maintain personal safety, read the material.

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