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Sort by Display. And they mount fairly easily right here on the top of the step. Round that number up to the next full inch, which in your case would be 28 inches. The Lippert Solid steps has a 400-pound capacity. In terms of choosing a Lippert Solid Step, you'll use the width of the finished door at it's narrowest. Thanks for all your great information!! Thanks for the thoughtful review, Jason. $315.06 $ 315. $90.00 to $160.00 - apply Price filter. A great upgrade to the steps that come on the motorhome. Many times, I have opened the door and reached in, or climbed in without deploying my steps. Camco is a solid choice, and MOR/ryde DW International RV steps top many lists with great reviews. Solid Stance Step Stabilizer. Jason. Brand new set of Morryde step above strut assist stairs for RV trailers. Since the steps are installed in the factory compartment, they remain conveniently outside the RV. Solid Step is one of the top manufacturers of three and four step RV steps. This is the new Solid Step from Lippert components. Because of this they don’t need the reinforcing place that installs under the floor on the Solid Step. StepAbove RV Entry Steps. But I guess I’ll have to do more research and look at them in prrson. Tired of stretching to reach those steps or the ground below? 694073 - LC678027. The Solid Step Storage Box fits in the void created when traditional RV folding steps are replaced by the Lippert Solid Step. The hardest part of adding a single step to the bottom of the retractable stairs on your RV may be deciding which option suits you. If so, I could see that as an issue as you can’t always control the site you get when camping. Authorized Dealer. ELECT STEP CONTROL MOD/BRAIN Part# 64594 301702 CP 569 . Otherwise great steps. Or, are your camper steps hard to operate after years of exposure to the elements? Please leave a comment below. This is a really informative write-up, and it’s clear that you put a lot of effort into researching these steps. The optional handrail also makes it a great choice if you aren’t so steady on your feet. Featuring an extra-wide top step and sturdy, steel steps with aluminum treads for enhanced traction — this step helps campers of all ages and abilities get in and out of your RV with peace of mind. If the handrail isn’t a concern for you, then this is still a great choice. Simply pull your steps up or down and let the gas struts guide them into locking or ground position. Adding a step or steps to an RV simply requires very basic mechanical skills or a bit of imagination. Extra-wide top step for easy entry and exit 400-pound capacity Includes floor backing plate Lippert 678024 SolidStep Fold-Down RV Quad Steps – 26″ Width. They’re available in three different sizes, two, three, and four steps. WE OFFER WHOLESALE/SURPLUS PRICING ON ALL KINDS OF RV/TRAILER PARTS AND ACCESSORIES! Different widths to accommodate larger and smaller size doors. Now that I said that I should probably do it myself and add that info to the article. *  Rise height is dependent on overall stair height, section above for more details. In that case, you'll … Thanks, Seller information. It sounds like a nice option and good customer service is a great benefit too. Be careful to check your old folding steps mine broke near the inside frame where the arm assembly connects. These steps us a unique scissor mechanism to deploy and retract. Thank you for clarifying one big advantage of the glowstep over the other options. There is no driver’s side door so once you enter, how do you stow them and clise the door? We have an Arctic Fox 5er that’s pretty tall at the entry…thinking that might mean the GlowStep might extend out quite a bit. I was also told that because the Solid Step has the large platform at the top the lower steps have a larger overlap making them more like a ladder. This is by far the BEST upgrade to our RV I have done. Shipping to: 98837. No one would ever expect to have stairs break on them. Homeon Wheels Stable RV Steps Adjustable Height Aluminum Folding Platform Step with Non-Slip Rubber Feet, Reflective Stripe, Handle, RV T Level, More Stable Up to 1000 lbs 16.5" x 12.2" RV Step Stool Debbie, GlowStep reached out to me and asked me to review their steps on my 5th wheel, so I will have a full review of them soon and will cover that. If you are going to evaluate aftermarket steps, you need to check them out. The downside for you would be that you have to store the steps in one of your storage bays when traveling and hook them up after you arrive at your campsite. To find the right size Solid Step for your entry door, measure the inside width of the door frame and round up to the nearest even number (Example: Inside width is 25-5/16", select Solid Step 26") Fits to entry doors 29" - 36" Triple Steps require a ground to floor height of 35" - 44" Add to Wish List. The 3 fixed steps are at exactly 7.5″, but from the ground to the first step is adjustable (just like all the others) and the Glowstep’s top step is also adjustable changing the rise on the last step into the camper. Rated 4 out of 5 by Az rv guy from Great steps but could use better design. I was told the process to attach and remove the steps is going to be a simple pin connection. Inside width is 25-5/16", select Solid Step 26") Fit entry doors 35"-44" above the ground. Should I Leave Gray Tank Valves Open at Full Hookup Sites? More Buying Choices $323.30 (9 used & new offers) Lippert Components 678041 28" Solid Step, 1 Pack. The Lippert 791572 SolidStep Fold-Down RV Triple Steps innovative design has a wide range of heights with adjustable leg extensions. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The SolidStep’s innovative design permits the step to operate through a wide range of ride heights with adjustable leg extensions. Click here to see the Solid Steps by Lippert Components available on Amazon. Different widths to accommodate larger and smaller size doors. Seeing the steps in person really is the best way to compare them. RV Accessories / Steps; View as. The Solid Step is designed to replace traditional fold-out or accordion-style RV stairs. Save this search. I have attached a photo for your reference. If Lippert had offered a handrail this model would have been the winner. I’ll cover the amount of clearance required in the installation section below. The problem with the Step Above is with some stair heights you still have a 9” rise. It’s capable of holding up to 100 lbs. RV steps are naturally unstable. NOW OFFERING SHIPPING ON MOST ITEMS TO ANYWHERE IN CANADA! In some situations you could end up with one or both of these over 7.5″. I hope that helps, Factory RV steps have up to a 9-inch rise between steps, this can be difficult to climb for some people. For Glowstep due to the accordion design, doesn’t the rise (listed as 7.5″ flat) and run actually change depending on the total height of the step? Step is easy to install and very solid. I had some experience playing with the torklift steps, and I think the rise can be reduced a little bit if you they aren’t extended all the way. Most importantly, the patent pending design makes sure the Solid Step stays parallel to the ground, which reduces the chances of slipping or falling. RV step covers are used as a soft and more durable method of covering the steps on your RV. Will the double step configuration be available as an aftermarket product in the future? Going to the gas station would be a nightmare. Imagine lifting the feet off the ground dripping with mud, how do you clean them before securing them in place. The reason for installing the new steps was, the old crappy pullout stairs broke on my wife without any warning. The Port-a-Step is my frontrunner, so I was excited to hear a comment from someone who uses them. I would suggest using the smaller dimension to be sure you don’t have any interference. $229.92 SOLID STEP TRIPLE RV STEPS for sale in Ogden, UT on KSL Classifieds. This caused the stairs to collapse, and she fell to the ground. Watch this…. With these steps you must fold them out to gain entrance to the RV. The Lend-a-hand assist rail looks like it provides much more support than the factory grab bars. Steps also stay parallel to the ground, reducing the dangers of slipping and falling during use. If you have an travel trailer that’s more than a few years old I’m sure you have noticed the steps are much harder to open and close than they used to be. The majority have the Lippert Solid Step while a few had Morryde. The steps are extremely solid - I'm more than qualified to weight-test these things. When measureing for door witdth is that from door jam to door jam? Solid Step rise 8″ (the “Why Not Solid Step or Step Above” section mentions 8.5″), with aftermarket offerings in triple step and quad step configurations. I asked about the weight of the steps. With a single finger, campers of all ages and capabilities can lift their steps up and lower them down, effortlessly. The Step Above and Solid Step store inside your camper. How To Setup a Brake Controller – Step by Step with Common Questions. We have an enclosed but decidedly narrow RV garage in our back yard. I look forward hearing how it goes. I love them and my wife does too! These steps were designed with motorhomes and seasonal site owners in mind. Easily release steps with secure pull-down system. Sign Up for an Account Today and MORryde Step Above with Strut Assist. While I was at the 2018 Ohio RV SuperShow I had a chance to try both the Lippert Solid Step and Mor/ryde Step Above out and compare the similarities and differences. Storage Box, lockable storage box that installs in place of factory RV steps (can also be used with Solid Steps). By replacing those old steps with Solid Step from Lippert, you, your family, and your friends will feel more like they are entering and exiting a true motorHOME. This is my question too…wondered if you came up with the answer in the last 6 months? 1, 2 or 3 steps that flip and fold up under the entrance door. Purchase a single step with mounting brackets that attach to the lowest existing step. Step Above vs Solid Step vs GlowStep Revolution (Battle for the best RV step) Do you struggle to climb the steps in your RV? One point in their favor are the electric and gas-powered models that extend and retract the longer stairwells. great tool to help you find the right steps, Setting the Correct RV Tire Pressure – How to do it. The Solid Step also has the fewest configurations only coming in 2 and 4 step models. While 1 inch may not sound like a lot it can make a huge difference in usability. 26" Solid Step® (fits entry widths 25" - 28.9") Features: •Conveniently folds up into the RV doorway when not in use •Recessed feet prevent trip hazard and maximize clearance for camping spot •No bounce, manual steel step with aluminum treads •Kickplate prevents damage to sidewall and skirt Different widths to accommodate larger and smaller size doors. Yes, these are manual RV folding steps, but the comparison between Solid Step and traditional camper, fifth-wheel or travel trailer steps ends there. The storage box is made of powder-coated steel with a locking rubber sealed lid. The Sav-A-Step is a brace you attach to your bottom step and fold out and adjust to touch the ground. Asked about handrail installation. Lippert Components’ step stabilizer has been available to OEMs for a while, but the supplier is coming out with an aftermarket step stabilizing kit this fall. As you can see the fixed stringer design has a much higher weight capacity with the Step Above at almost 1.5 times the capacity of the GlowStep. Learn how your comment data is processed. Now that we agree on the problems with RV steps let’s look at what these new steps do to solve the problem. The handle is usually mounted right next to the door where it is difficult to reach from the ground and useless when exiting. The Solid Step has large aluminum treads, and adjustable legs for a solid footing on the ground when deployed, making it more like house stairs. For RVs with doorways that are 27-1/8" - 28" wide SolidStep design allows for the step to be stored inside of entry door, keeping road debris and corrosion away. SolidStep™ RV Steps, 26" Triple Step - Lippert Components Inc - 678040 - Steps. If you want to have a safe and up to standards RV stairs, this one from Stromberg Carlson will certainly convince you. Step Above, with the highest weight capacity the is no question that this is one sturdy set of stairs. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. My husband is a stroke survivor with a weak leg, foot drop, and a paralyzed hand. MORryde StepAbove This is a set of steps that … Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Jason. For example, a 3-step at 25″ step height will have a shorter rise than the 3-step at 32″. MORryde Step Above 30" to 33.5" 3 Step Portable RV Camper Entry Stair (Used) **ITEM HAS BEEN LIGHTLY USED** Pre-Owned. The feet are adjustable to fit uneven terrain. DIY installation is quick and easy using the included handrail brackets, backing plate and hardware. We could not make the garage wider because city codes prevented it from being any closer than 10 ft. to our rear property line. Integrated gas strut takes virtually all the weight off of the Solid Step when deploying and while storing. We do not have room in the garage to fold down either the Solid Step or Step Above while the trailer is inside, without hitting a vertical support beam or the metal side wall of the building. One advantage these steps have is you don’t have to remove that factory steps to install them. Now that we have looked at what sets these steps apart for their traditional counterparts, lets see what makes them different from each other. Thanks Dennis, They’re available in three different sizes, two, three, and four steps. The LCI Solid Step Storage Box is designed to fill the opening left if you remove the old OEM folding RV steps. Solid Step, which features a patent pending design, also boasts the popular extruded aluminum step tread design that was an industry-first on LCI’s Alumi-Tread Step®. William P. |  Verified Buyer  |  5 star rating. Handrail, 3 step and 4 step versions can be permanently attached if you have clearance inside the RV. So, if you are traveling or not using your camper they are protected. However, the company does also produce double step configurations (step height range 22″ – 28″), but they are not currently available for aftermarket purchase (OEM only). They both have a latch mechanism that uses the door frame to hold them in place when stowed. So, about a year and a half ago, we upgraded to generation one of the MORryde Steps with strut assist. Free shipping . Jason, Jesse were you able to aquire an extra.step from the manufacturer to make the step rise a shorter distance? 2 get attached to the side of your RV and the 3. Drawbridge style steps that fold up and store inside the unit fling and dump dirt, water, sand and other unwanted debris all over you and inside your RV. I damaged mine by dropping my 5th wheel on it while in the back of my truck, and they were extremely quick to send me parts. Over time they have improved and added aluminum treads to make them lighter, but they still suffer from the same problems. I really would like something like a Step Above for my motorhome but as designed, I just don’t see it working. Please take a look in the comments at the bottom for what they had to say. It’s an entirely different concept in RV entry stairs. To make sure there isn’t any confusion, this is a comparison of the Best RV Steps. The storage box can be mounted onto the chassis of the trailer under the Solid Step® assembly. Exposed, they steel frames are exposed to rain and road grim causing rust. With regard to the rise of the Glowstep, you are right it would be impossible to have 3 steps at exactly a 7.5″ rise with different total heights. However, not all RV steps that are sold in the market are very satisfactory. Since its introduction in 2016, the Solid Step by Lippert Components has changed the RV entry step by creating a more stable, easy-to-use step. In contrast to steps that drill into the vinyl and wood of the RV’s entry threshold, GLOWSTEP REVOLUTION® steps are completely bolt-on. Even a standard set of replacements steps can be over $150 and if they are the aluminum tread style some are over $300. The handrail kit includes 3 brackets. Then, though, he needs me to pull his feet past the console so he can get into the living area. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Your email address will not be published. I have a child with special needs and she was always a little shakey coming out of the camper with original steps shaking. That means that any of these options will outperform the factory steps that come on most RVs. It sounds like you have some challenges, but it seems like you are making it work. RV Accessories / Steps; View as. It goes hand in hand with the LCI Solid Step entrance stairs I recently installed. Karla, To find the right size Solid Step for your entry door, measure the inside width of the door frame and round up to the nearest even number (Ex. According to the salesman the Lipperts are new. The Solid Step has added a larger tread at the top to create a platform that is 13” deep. If you are looking to replace your steps, I would pick one of these options. It’s a sturdy step, but be sure to double check that the steps are brushed off to prevent any water, snow, or other debris from getting inside. Get the best deals for used rv steps at eBay.com.

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