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where was queen sheba buried

But when King Solomon was king Christ hasn’t been born yet and Sheba was one of his wife and the present date which is been quoted by historians is either A.D I.es after the death or BD I. es before the death.and Yoruba history cannot be complete without mentioning ooduduwa which was said to have existed around 12th to 13th century after the death .and the so called name Yoruba is not even the name of the tribe it’s Ife people who are believed to be from Benin and sojourned in igala land in the 12th -13th century And without the language igala the present day Yoruba would either have been speaking the edo language which oduduwa was actually from but with his visit to igala he learnt the language but couldn’t speak it all which gave birth to Yoruba to. Arriving at Jerusalem with a very great caravan—with camels carrying… A team of British scientists working with Dr Patrick Darling an archaeologist at Bournemouth The ancient Hebrew and ancient Arabs spoke Yoruba language.King Saba and prophet Mohamed before God and man spoke Yoruba language, and king Saba was an Ijebu Yoruba queen, fact to this my claimed is the noun ‘Jebu-site’ that appeared in Biblical text, Jebu were to the kush[kushita] family, of which Sabe belong to, and queen Sabe was burried among his Ijebu Yoruba family where they resettle after the lost of their original Mesopotamia homes, that includes Arabic -saudi, Istrael, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan and Ethoipia. No one will doubt it. The Queen of Sheba was overwhelmed by the splendor and beauty of the magnificent edifice created by Solomon. They marries the Israelites and some of them moved to Canaan land with Moses. The tomb of the Queen of Sheba, according to Information Nigeria, is widely believed to be outside a village named Oke-Eiri. Ijebu is older than any tribe. We are all contingent of Ethoipia, Egypy and Sudan, which are the world that extended to ancient Mesopotamia[Middle East], but then in these ancient time it was Yoruba language and culture that rule the world. The story of Bilqīs, as the Queen of Sheba is known in Islamic tradition, appears in the Qurʾān, though she is not mentioned by name, and her story has been embellished by Muslim commentators.The Arabs have also given Bilqīs a southern Arabian genealogy, and she is the subject of a widespread cycle of legends.According to one account, Solomon, having heard from a hoopoe, one of … ... Sheba mobilized her thousands. Check your bible and you’ll see the word Abia. Lies. Read my notes, know the hidden truth about your history. The queen of Sheba was never a black woman. So, why the argument if Ethiopians or any other land have not come out to go against the claims. Its funny. visit King Solomon when she heard of his outstanding wisdom and went to prove him with hard While the kwa-ibo group of languages has traces in other language groups even as far away as the middleeast as a result of ancient egyptian Influences I find it hard to believe that Yoruba was the language of any other culture north of Kwara or east of benin. Queen Sheba is not like European Scholars are saying she is from Arabian. This is just absolute ideological nonsense. If Quran called her Bilikisu, then there can be a relation between the two. The Queen of Sheba by Stephanie Catmull 1 Kings 10: 1-13 Matthew 12:42 (I Kings 10: 1-13) When the queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon and his relation to the name of the Lord, she came to test him with hard questions. A team of British scientists may have rediscovered the centre of one of Africa’s greatest kingdoms – and the possible burial place of the legendary Queen of Sheba. On a mound nearby she found parts of columns and finely carved stone channels from a buried temple that appears to be dedicated to the moon god, the main deity of Sheba… There are tons of biblical stories that are mythical. Its a great leap from Ijebu Ode to Jebu-sites. as I said, she was ruling territories from east to west. The region's long history of gold and ivory trade and the cultural importance of eunuchs linked to royal households further support the Sheba link. people go there to pray, was she a christian or a moslem? The ancient mine is believed to have once belonged to the Queen of Sheba. This is not news or a new discovery. Oduduwa met people already in Ile Ife the Kemites. That she bears Bilikisu does not makes her a Muslim because her time was 2000 years before Islam. Africans can be so dumb, I swear. I’m standing by the remains of a stone palace in Aksum, the onetime capital of the ancient Aksumite kingdom and now a World Heritage site. I hate to break it to you but do you realize that our older ancestors tell a lot of stories, most of them which are made up as opposed to factual. Updated about 7 years ago A team of British scientists may have rediscovered the centre of one of Africa's greatest kingdoms - and the possible burial place of the legendary Queen of Sheba. And keep your inferior complexity to your self, in fact, you can go worship “white men” but do not encourage Africans or Nigerians to do the same. You people are so dumb and naive. After King Solomon communed with her and Hmmmmm black people with black mind …..them no dey ever believe naaa n moreova if not for the help of google how dem wan knww say planet sef exist. The legend of Sungbo, who is believed to be the Queen of Sheba, straddles Christianity, Islam and the Coptic Orthodox Christianity traditions of Ethiopia. Eve (eefa) meaning the origin of expansion/reproduction/multiplication, Cain (ka eeni) “acquired extra”, Abel (abi eli) “we gave birth to a man/father”, Enoch (eni okun) “Dedicated one”, Enosh (eni osha) “Immortal one”. And I can’t believe a fellow African actually made a statement like that. How did she get to nigeria? Ijebu is the first language spoken in the garden of Eden. You are a real dummy. My quetion is how did this queen sheba get to nigeria . spot. appeared first on illuminaija. Her name was Olamma. But some of those left behind tried to trace their root back to Africa just like Nimrod. If the Ijebu people believe that the Queen of Sheba was buried in Oke-Eiri, then maybe she was. You don’t know that ancient Igbo were of Yoruba kindress, that latter move out, that is why the meaning of the noun Igbo is within Yoruba language, Olamma can not have meaning in Igbo language ecept through Yoruba language, right spelling of Olamma, is Olamo, but with varint meaning, Ola mens riches,or ‘tommorow, ‘mma’ from ‘mo, meaning ‘kown’,but if is of ‘omo’ abbrevaition it would means ‘child’. It's a place shaded by … because they are used to worshiping the sun in sheba doring her time but she later converted to muslim true sulaiman. The natives of Ijebu-Ode hold strong and popular claims about the identity of the controversial Bilikisu Sungbo. yoruba and igbo are related languages.. niger congo b kordofian. But Islam was not in existence at the time of Solomon. Sheba (arabic saba) is the ancient semitic civilization in Yeman, And the Queen ruled all the way till Egypt/ Ethopia. There is NO real archaeological proof to back this claim up. University discovered the remains of an ancient kingdom deep in the Nigerian rain forest at ijebu- I don’t know why people disbelieve this story, but if were to be related to oyinbo. Now how on earth did they manage to connect this to Ogun state, absolutely , no idea…Nigerians like to believe anything said by Oyibos… and by add the phrase “CONFIRMED” just does not make it a fact. To them, she is a goddess and a humane lady. Each year, thousands of pilgrims come to honour what they believe is the grave of the queen of Sheba. Queen Sheba ruled a fabulously wealthy nation and was, like her contemporary Solomon, a highly esteemed intellectual. People from all over the world travelled to pay tribute to a burial cite that a British just apparently “discovered”? Finally, she was buried in one of her territory Nigeria. The post Was The Queen Of Sheba, King Solomon Wife Really Buried In Nigeria? and what scientific link are we talking about< You carried out genetic test or you met a written document . Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy, Daily Times Pays Tribute to the Late Sam Nda-Isaiah, Ife Film Review—Realistic Lesbian Love in Landmark Nollywood Feature, Win 5 Slots to Folio Media Creative Academy’s 3-Day Workshop for Journalists, Covid-19 vaccine trial on humans starts as UK warns restrictions could stay in place until next year, Maliyo Games Develops New Whot Game for Mobiles, Children prefer storybooks that teach them how and why the world works, study says. And we are Muslims and not muslem. precious stones and then returned to her country with her servants. Historical and archeological studies revealed that there are many links between the Biblical queen and Bilikisu Sungbo of Ijebu land. As for bilikisun sungbo, I think we need more research. Where was her kingdom before she was buried in Nigeria, I learnt that she’s from Ethopia, east Africa, Another news to distract our attention from the evils going on in this country. How Queen Sheba Was Buried In Nigeria A lthough the majority of us are familiar with the story of queen Sheba the wife of King Solomon either in the bible or the al Quran, but the aftermath of the story is what we might not know. …. When Makeda awoke, thirsty, and drank from the goblet, Solomon stepped forward and announced that she had taken water from him. Local tradition speaks of a great queen building a vast monument of remembrance and there is an annual pilgrimage to what is believed to be her grave. I remember now. If you like believe it or not, its your business…, Because Oyinbo people would not simply passionately claim something as theirs, they would have scientific proof to back it up. Two primary strands of history connect to the Queen of Sheba, from opposite sides of the Red Sea. answered her questions, she confirmed that the report she heard of him were true and his fame It was also stated that “never again where so many spices brought into Israel as those the Queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon”. According to Arab and other Islamic sources, the Queen of Sheba was called "Bilqis," and ruled over a kingdom on the southern Arabian Peninsula in what is now Yemen.Ethiopian records, on the other hand, claim that the Queen of Sheba was a monarch called … i read the history of Ethopia when i was in the college ,queen had pregnancy for king solomon but when the jews oppossed to king solomon of marring strange woman for is aganst mosenic law , she left jerusalem and gave birth to a boy named empro UHANISE the boy later became king in Ethopia therefore solomonic dynastic have being rulling over Ethopia till date . ode, Ogun state and connected Queen of Sheba with the south African kingdom of Saba which is Her grave is now a sacred place - thousands of Christians and Muslims come to pray here every year. … The only thing I can say is that it’s possible for her to die and be buried in that place if maybe she was on transit and died. get out joo, you just want to draw attention. Some were of the belief that the Queen of Sheba had a son with King Solomon who was named The same way they said mungo park discovered river Niger, where our people have been fishing. noble woman Oloye Bilikisu Sungbo. Read more to know. While the kwa-ibo group of languages has traces in other language groups even as far away as the middleeast as a result of ancient egyptian Influences I find it hard to believe that Yoruba was the language of any other culture north of Kwara. The names recorded in Bible before the flood are 90% Yoruba names. The bible described the Queen of Sheba as a woman of immense power, intellect and wisdom who went to They brought their family to Ile Ife, and left witness along the way. Another British lies, even during colonisation they couldn’t discover it then, why now. It is unfortunate that our history or anything Africa is nothing to some people. While I Am not saying they are wrong they are not following due process in proving themselves right. If not for pilgrimage, many Nigerians believed that Israel was in heaven not on earth. There was Ethiopia which represented the whole of Africa, there was nothing like Nigeria then. The small, sleepy village of Oke-Eiri, located on the outskirts of Ijebu Ode, in Ogun State, hosts this burial site of the ancient Queen, and has been the destination of local pilgrims for centuries who come to pay homage to the sleeping legend. Also, the Bible does not constitute as scientific proof. The myth or story was while on exile, she died or was buried at that spot. It is a true story and stop arguing what you don’t know, you people should be proud that you now have something to boast of, that is why white men are seen as the best people, if this throne is being discovered in the USA they would have find a solution to rebuild that throne of Sheba and the grave, for people to to travel from various places to come and see an ancient place like the throne of Sheba. Dear Brothers and Sisters, don’t forget the ancient history of Ethiopia, in ancient time Ethiopian map includes from east to west Africa. The tradition of the ijebu people forbid women and dogs to visit the spot where Bilikisu Sungbo was buried. Guy I also give it a doubt when I first heard it,but is very real and confirmed, she was been buried in one village called oke eiri in ijebu ode Ogun state. This is strange, but I have read lots of comments through this, some are educative, some entertaining while others are hmm outrageous and unimaginable. Some of this spiritual being who land on Ile Ife from heaven and went to confused language at the Tower of Babel intermarry with men and blacks were made. This burial site is itself located within a large area which is surrounded by the ancient Eredo earthwork and is believed to be the wealthy Queen Sheba’s Lost Kingdom. Hi Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s not a coincidence. * Birthplace: Sheba (now Yemen or Ethiopia)* Died: c. 10th century B.C. They bear Asenath (a si na iti), Potiphera (po iti ife ‘ra), Manaseh (mma na si), Ephraim (efere ayin mu), Gershom (Geri chom), Eliezer (Eli eze eri). You have entered an incorrect email address! Its funny. presently known as Yemen, however they are yet to affirm the ruler’s actual and unique root. She gifted him a hundred and twenty talents of gold, so much spices and In order for it to be proven scientifically, her bones would have had to Ben dug up by archaeologists? spices, gold, and precious stones. Do you think Yorubas don’t already have tons to be proud of? She was born into an Ethiopian dynasty, sometime in the 10 th century B.C., when her father and grandfather being the last two … And likewise Christianity did not exist either. questions. You people are really desperate. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! Many Africans have access to outstanding technology and mind blowing information gadgets but still tend to think like their anscestors of 100 years ago. Ethiopia did not represent the whole of Africa, stop lying and it certainly did not represent the West of Africa. She was Igbo. Today Bilikisu is an Arabic name but Arabic is older than Quran. But her grave is left untended and untapped. BRITISH scientists have unearthed in Nigeria's rain forest a suspected centre of one of Africa's greatest kingdoms and possible burial place of the legendary Queen of Sheba - pushing the country to the fore of It may indeed once have supplied the Queen of Sheba’s treasure house. It is not a fact, it is simply a claim, How exactly is this confirmed? Menelik I, or Menilek (in Ge`ez: ምኒልክ [Mənilək]) was the first emperor of Ethiopia.According to Kebra Nagast, a 12th century record, in the 10th century BC he is said to have inaugurated the Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia, so named because Menelik I was the son of the biblical King Solomon of ancient Israel and of Makeda, the Ethiopian Queen of Sheba. Oh! She was given to my Granny by my aunt and uncle, who owned her mother, Ishie. Prophet Sulaiman is a muslim acording to the Qur’an and so was his wife. Many Africans have access to outstanding technology and mind blowing information gadgets but still tend to think like their anscestors of 100 years ago. This is what “Oyinbos” would have done like anyone with a rational claim would dom. Its a great leap from Ijebu Ode to Jebu-sites. Those who argue for an Ethiopian queen claim that she reigned over the Kingdom of Axum; but Axum did not exist during the reign of Solomon nor even when the Book of Kings was composed (c. 7th/6th century BCE). Don’t think that way Shaban, our ancestors had been traveling through horses, even do you know some Sudanes drove out of their land through war are now in nigeria through act of walking. But Allah knows best of her tomb. She is better known by Her Majesty, Bilikisu Sungbo. And if Ijebu claimed what they believe, and one of their believe was that Bilikisu was buried in Ijebu land, it was because Ijebu are one of the oldest tribe in the world, they are the same people mentioned in the Bible as Jebu land, now Jerusalem. The “grave-shrine” of Oloye Bilikisu Sungbo will forever remain a cultural pride of ijebu-ode natives. Is she a tourist or bussness woman . exceeded what she heard. Axum only existed as a politi… They went back to Ile Ife then back to heaven. This is also reflected in the New Testament, where she is referred to as “The Queen of The South”. 141341388, ; Maintained by Gorilla Passion Project (contributor 48238259) Non-Cemetery Burial. The grave of Queen of Sheba laid buried deep in the forest, from the gate the road formed into one long and tiny passage with deep forests on either side. Thousands of people come every year to honor and pay respects to the queen. Bilikisu Sungbo: Is the Queen of Sheba buried in Ijebu? This tale has undergone extensive Jewish, Islamic and Ethiopian elaborations, and has become the subject of one of the most widespread and fertile cycles of legends in the Orient. Only made for calming the nerves after a hard day’s work.Still at work and will return to the story for more scrutiny and authentication. Archaeological Evidence . if its true can they locate ecite place she was buried, Exactly. The Queen of Sheba and her Only Son Menyelek by E Wallis Budge (Oxford University Press, 1932) The Bible Unearthed by Israel Finkelstein (Simon and Schuster, 2002) In Islamic tradition, she is commonly referred to, as Bilkis, Bilqis, Balqis or Balquis by the Arabs, who believe that she came from the city of Sheba, also called Mareb, in Yemen. The grave itself is super impressive. Oke-Eri is encompassed by white dividers with a message at the entry inviting guests to the seat of Her Royal Majesty, Bilikisu Sungbo. It was written that she went to Jerusalem with a great train, camels that bare It came 500 years after Jesus Christ. If it really is Sheba, then her bones should be dug up and her DNA should be tested to find out if it really is Sheba. My father told me about the story in the 70s. The Queen of Sheba is said to be associated with ivory, eunuchs and gold. A team of British scientists working with Patrick Darling Archaeologist at Bournemouth University discovered the remains of an ancient kingdom deep in the Nigerian rainforest. I hope you believe that! How is it proven scientifically? it is a speculation that queen die in nigeria ? It was believed by the natives of ijebu-ode that Bilikisu Sungbo was a wealthy woman and the leader of a group of women potters who travelled to faraway places. In 1995, Bilikisu Sungbo’s shrine was added to the cultural category of UNESCO world Heritage Site. Chief Olaitan Olugbosi is convinced the grave is that of the Queen of Sheba Her name is Bilikisu Sungbo - a powerful , childless widow, who wanted a lasting memorial to her name. Queen of Sheba* Born: c. 10th century B.C. Most people referred to Ethiopia as Abyssinia or vice versa. Why Is Nigerian Government Not Working On The Site Like The Pyramids Of Egypt And Collosium In Rome? [informationng] The past is a repository. this deserves more research to validate the story. The historical queen was said to have travelled all the way from Ethiopia to ijebu-ode where she died and was buried. This is a spot bare of vegetation in the Nigerian rainforest where tall trees have become entangled with canopy foliage, festooned with spider’s webs and falling leaves, creating a gloom that inhibits vegetation. This idiot will be the Wright brothers were the one to first fly as human, Pls all what is said is true and if you want to confirm it go to Ijebu ode the place is called bilikisu sungbo and in eredo EPE the dried river is called odo sungbo, It coul be true.Ethiopia represented a whole Africa then.Indian represented a whole of Asia…, She came from Abyssinia or modern day Ethiopia. “And when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD, she came to prove him with hard questions.” – 1 Kings 10:1. Yorubas do not have to lie and should not have to lie about history in order to have something to be proud of. One thing u 4got is dat no one else, pple or country even the Ethiopians had claimed that her burial site is in their land up till 2morow. Also, do you think that Yoruba people are like your people? to be abundant in Nigeria at the time, while eunuchs were present in ancient West African This place is said to be the place where the ancient queen was washed before being buried, and because she was believed to possess supernatural powers, no plant or grass can ever grow on that While I Am not saying they are wrong they are not following due process in proving themselves right. Interesting! The archaeologists found a human skull in the entrance, where chisel marks are still visible. Gist A site, hidden away in the dense rain forests of south-western Nigeria is believed to be the burial ground of the biblical Queen of Sheba. June 3, 2015 A site, hidden away in the dense rain forests of south-western Nigeria is believed to be the burial ground of the biblical Queen of Sheba. Interesting. The burial place of the Queen of Sheba, locally known among Yoruba people as Bilikisu Sungbo which is situated at Oke-Eri, ijebu-ode has turned a place of worship and tourism in Nigeria. The Queen of Sheba (Hebrew: מלכת שבא‎; Arabic: ملكة سبأ‎, romanized: Malikat Saba) is a figure first mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. She acted like the royalty for whom she was named. The burial place of the Queen of Sheba, locally known among Yoruba people as Bilikisu Sungbo which is situated at Oke-Eri, ijebu-ode has turned a place of worship and tourism in Nigeria.

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