Prospects for the ZEC cryptocurrency (ZCash) for investors

The prospects for the ZEC cryptocurrency are more optimistic, but not without a fly in the ointment. Existing cryptocurrency barriers can be divided into two groups:

  • Tighter competition. In addition to the fact that most of the projects are forks or clones of successful cryptocurrencies, in 2018 a new trend is outlined – combining the advantages of cryptocurrencies of a different class in one blockchain. Bitcoin Private is just one example of such a symbiosis.
  • Anonymity. The main advantage is for ZCash and the main problem. The world community is not yet ready for cryptocurrencies and even more so not ready for completely anonymous payments that can be used for dubious transactions. Coins such as Ripple, BTC or ETN will receive faster recognition than coins from an anonymous class. So their prospects are limited.

Not so long ago there was information that since mid-March, Coincheck, which was hacked in January, excluded Monero, Dash and ZCash from its cryptocurrencies. The main reason is the inability to track transaction addresses, which greatly simplifies the money laundering process and increases the risks. Transfers on the exchange will be carried out only from verified accounts whose owners have passed the verification procedure.

The ZEC cryptocurrency rate can be called attractive for investors. Interest, local drawdowns, and growth, as well as the influence of the cryptocurrency market as a whole, are visible. ZEC reacts quickly to news cryptocurrency.

There are no questions regarding future updates to developers. The ZCash team monitors the development of their project and is actively involved in updating it. In particular, in July 2018, the first in the history of cryptocurrency hard fork “Owerwinter” is planned, the purpose of which is to achieve network security and subsequent updates.

Conclusion ZCash is a really interesting cryptocurrency with good future prospects. Unlike its forks, it is developing and updating, and the uniqueness of the protocol idea favorably distinguishes cryptocurrency from other payment systems. Despite the fact that anonymity can become somewhat an obstacle to full distribution, cryptocurrency technology can be useful in a narrow niche of data transfer. The price of cryptocurrencies is affected both by external factors (decisions of regulators, hacking of exchanges), and internal (updates, accession of new participants). As a diversification of risks, the ZEC cryptocurrency in 2018 is the best option for an investment portfolio containing MTC and ETN.

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